Let’s plan the trip
of your lifetime.

What if you could fast-forward the time between first deciding you want to travel and actually walking out the door with your bags? Vantage Point allows you to do just that, with a luxury travel professional matching your inspiration and travel preferences with our expertise to plan each aspect of your trip from start to finish.

Our Process

Luxury Travel Planning Services

  • Romantic Getaways

  • Tropical Vacations

  • Wellness Retreats and Spas

  • Exotic Travel Adventures

  • Historical Tours

  • Culinary Tours

  • Cruises

  • Safaris

  • City Deluxe Escapes

  • Honeymoons

  • Family Vacations

  • Family Reunions

  • Girls’/Guys’ Trips

  • Business Trips / Corporate Travel

  • Yachts

  • Luxury Vacation Rentals

  • Private Jets

  • Private Transport

  • Private Chef Services

  • Exclusive Hotel & Spa Amenities

  • Members-only Access

  • And more

Our travel design services are available for destinations throughout the world.

Where would you like to go? Let’s Talk!

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