Earlier this month my wife and I spent four nights at the Rosewood Bermuda, located on Tucker’s Point on the island of Bermuda.  Below is a short outline of some of my thoughts about the Rosewood and Bermuda more generally.  A full trip report will follow but until then I hope you find this information useful.  


Pre-Travel / Covid Requirements 

  • As of July 1st., in order to travel to Bermuda from the U.S., visitors must apply for and obtain an official Bermuda Travel Authorisation.  In order to receive your authorization you must (i) present a negative Covid test taken within four days of your flight into Bermuda (tip: the day you take the test counts as day 0) and (ii) be fully vaccinated (or agree to a mandatory 14-day quarantine upon arrival in Bermuda).  So unless you want to spend two weeks holed up in your Bermuda hotel, Bermuda is essentially accepting vaccinated travelers with a negative PCR test.


  • Bermuda’s entire pre-travel authorisation process went smoothly and quickly.  The application took 5 minutes to complete (tip: have digital copies of your Covid test result and proof of vaccination ready before beginning the application).  Within 24 hours of having applied for my authorisation, I received an email that my application had been approved and before I knew it I was holding a print out of my official ticket to Bermuda.


  • All travelers to Bermuda must take an additional Covid test in Bermuda upon arrival at the Bermuda airport.  This process did take some additional time so plan accordingly.  It took me about an hour and half from wheels-down until I was walking through the airport exit doors.  


The Hotel – Rosewood Bermuda

  • Pro: Very close to the airport.
  • Pro: Friendly Staff throughout the hotel, restaurants, beach and tennis clubs.
  • Pro: Great beach club and large private beach.
  • Pro: Large guestrooms (beginning at 500 sqft).


  • Con: Hotel is not situated directly on the beach (tip: for $75/day you can rent a golf cart to get around the resort.  Highly recommended; availability is limited so ask early).
  • Con: Expensive (as in a modest $48pp breakfast buffet).
  • Con: Service not necessarily up to Rosewood standards.


Overall Impression

  • Bermuda is a beautiful, safe island.  Perfect for a quick east coast getaway.
  • Best for relaxation and restoration.
  • Excellent water activities; limited land activities.
  • Rosewood service was not as good as you might find at other prime Rosewood properties.