We ask the right questions.

For one client, a particular seat on a flight is the most important aspect of their vacation. Another client may only want a room with direct beach access. We assume nothing, find out what matters to you, and then design your travel around your vision and what inspires you to travel. We leave no stone unturned as we ensure you have an effortless travel experience.

We do the research so you don’t have to.

The amount of information online can often be overwhelming, not to mention sometimes misleading. Most people are not interested or able to sift through hundreds of professional and traveler reviews. At Vantage Point we will do all the research necessary to design your travel experience so that all of your expectations–from convenience to excitement–are met if not exceeded.

You’ll have access to travel opportunities you won’t find elsewhere.

Vantage Point is part of the Virtuoso network, an elite, invitation-only group of the top 1% of travel providers in the world. Our inside track as a premier member of this powerful network allows us to obtain access for you to exclusive and extra amenities at 875+ fine hotels and resorts worldwide, work our way into sold-out situations and more.

We don’t recycle itineraries- we offer the highest level of custom planning.

How can something be truly custom if we don’t build it entirely around your vision? We design your travel from the ground up, so anything is possible. After learning about your vision and what factors matter most to you, we apply insider industry knowledge and access, best practices and favorite recommendations to craft the perfect-for-you travel plan. Each of our itineraries is designed for you and only you.

The travel industry has recognized us for being excellent at what we do.

Vantage Point is a member of a number of travel industry associations, including the American Society of Travel Advisors, with affiliations that directly speak to our competence, accomplishments and commitment to providing the highest level of service for our clients.

We are known in two industries for our attention to detail.

Founder Jeremy Weinberg left his legal career to innovate the luxury travel space with unmatched attention to detail in travel planning. Skip the hourly rates, but enjoy his eagle-eyed attention to every factor of your bespoke travel itinerary.

We are ahead of the curve so you don’t have to be.

We keep our networks limitless and our knowledge base is continually growing, so your travel can be everything you want it to be. Unlike some travel professionals who focus only on the same few destinations, repeating the same limited venues, transport and travel partners, we are always learning, discovering and putting new information to use for you. Wherever you want to go, we will get you there in style, relaxed and ready for your adventure.

We believe that extraordinary travel experiences begin and end with exceptional client care.

We believe your travel experience begins the moment you engage with us. We don’t just book seamless travel experiences; we provide the white glove professional support you need to fully enjoy the travel experience before you go away, during your vacation and beyond. We’re always just a call away.

We stay as involved as you’d like us to be.

That we’ll get you in and out of your destination with ease is a given. We can also help maximize your time by providing custom recommendations, from a restaurant with a chocolate dessert you’ll love to a local-led tour of a hidden location. We will do all the research so you don’t have to and we can be as involved in planning your days away as you’d like us to be.

We simply love what we do, and our clients can feel it.

“I can’t say enough good things about Jeremy and Vantage Point Travel. We recently went back to Napa Valley for our anniversary and Jeremy really went the extra mile to make sure this trip was special…he truly understood our vision for the trip and just made it happen.” – Dana Manning, San Francisco